CB Radio

CB Radio

Remember the early 80s when the latest craze was pretending to be American and use strange language and a thing called a CB Radio?

Well some of us never stopped using them. The dodgy slang may have gone but cb radio is still here.

My first interest in CB radio was sparked by listening to my grandmothers neighbour interfering with her radio gram.

I first used one at a friends house in early 1980 and I was instantly hooked. I pestered my mum to get me one and someone took full advantage of the fact I knew nothing about the then illegal world of CB and sold me one of these.

Robyn SX-007

It worked really well on my DV27 antenna on a biscuit tin but had one major flaw .It only had 23 channels!

The first generation of American cb sets were like this but later ones had 40. Everyone used to have great fun telling me to “knock it to 24” Grrrrr  I eventually got another radio and never looked back.

I have always had a thing about taking things to bits to see why they were still working and the cb radio was no different. I managed to mess them up so much I had to learn how to put them right and spent many an hour bugging the local rig doctor Paul Michelin Man who was very patient with me most of the time.

I eventually got the hang of it all and ended up working at the local cb shop earning a living doing what I loved.

CB today is a lot quieter than it used to be but we have more channels than ever before and its licence free!

You can now use AM and SSB modes on the original channels we all fought for in the early days along with the FM channels that we were given in November 1981.

If you are in the Leicester area you can normally find us around channel 14 on the UK FM band and if you need any advice or repairs to a cb radio please get in touch using the form below.



  1. iv only just come across your site and it bought back a lot of reminiscing as I started on cb in the mid 70s when I was a teenager and also started with a 23 channel radio with a dv 27 also grew a great interest in how they worked stripped many down then had to put them back together I used to be one of the local rig doctors in Thanet Kent but had a motorcycle accident in 2001 and had to give up repairs for a few yrs I stopped using a rig some ten yrs ago but have recently set up a home base station and keep adding new stuff. but to my surprise cb is still in use around Kent and Essex as I reach places like Clacton on sea and lea on sea fairly easily and at least a 40 mile radius recently in past two weeks more and more people seem to be pulling there old cbs out of the closets and lofts and have started reusing them again whether this is just a nostalgic thing or if itsb a come back of cb radio due to people no longer conversing on computers and just liking and pasting things on a certain social media site has yet to be seen

  2. Hi Dave, just found your website, enjoyed reading it. Great to hear there are still CB enthusiasts in UK as we dont get much DX from there to DownUnder 43Div. these days!

    Most of us still on the US40 SSB CH#35 / #38 as freeband still well policed by our ACMA and a sure way to get busted!

    Check out www,CQDX11.com for a 24/7 Online Live Video Stream from Melbourne Australia on CH#35 27.355 LSB

  3. just acquired a Robyn sx-007 like in the picture ,iam trying to find info on it like it has an intercom plug in the back of it ,i know how an intercom works in a building ,iam confused haw this would work in a cb.and info would be appreciated ,my email is ednusso@yahoo.com ,tks Ed

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