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The things people get me doing….

A mate of mine has been nagging me for weeks to make him a roger bleep.

Not just any bleep but the uber annoying peewit that is found in the Hy-Gain V radios.

He could of bought one from ebay but I have fitted them in the past and they never really sounded right even after messing with the components. This one got the thumbs up from the critics on channel 14 in Leicester.

I really should get some etching stuff and knock some pcbs up but time is always the issue. Mind you when the lids on you cant see the stripboard anyway…

Ham International Jumbo / Multimode 2 Modifications.

The ever popular Ham International jumbo and its mobile counterparts the Multimode 2,Concorde 1 and Major 588 and not a bad radio for their age but they do have some niggling faults.

One of these is the awful FM modulation. Most modern radios apply the fm tx audio to the vco using a varicap diode.

In these earlier radios cybernet modulated the crystals to get the deviation. This results in poor and quiet audio which when turned up makes the radio wander about on transmit frequency.

The squelch is also renowned for popping as it opens and closes. My good friend Paul Michelin Man in Leicester worked out a mod which cures this and details are at the bottom of the page.

The other is a lack of the correct bias voltage on the output transistor. This can be fixed by changing R38 to a 15 ohm resistor.

You will then need to measure the bias voltage on the base of Q10.Key the radio up on SSB with no modulation to measure this. It needs to be 0.7 volts and can be adjusted with RV1.


The way i do them is.. Remove L3 and C30. Link out R26 Connect a 10000pf (103) cap to Pin 2 of IC2. To the other end of the cap connect a 10k resistor and the cathode (with the line on) of an ITT310 or 410 Varicap diode. The other end of the varicap and resistor goes to ground.
Then solder a 220k resistor to the cathode of the varicap and connect the other end of this resistor to the point on the board where you removed L3 and C30 from (R25)

Replace C32 with a 100000pf (104) capacitor.
You will just have to adjust the deviation using RV3 and check that the vco locks on all the bands. I have tried using other varicaps but these ones sound the best.

Squelch Pop Mod

059 pop mod diagram 059 pop mod PCB side

Jumbo Owners Manual

Cybernet PTBM121D4X Improvements

Ham Logo

There is always a lot of discussion about which is best cybernet or uniden ssb radios. Personally I like cybernet stuff but I admit uniden ssb export radios do work well on ssb.

A lot of the issues people have with cybernet stuff is a result of the way that they left the factory. Common complaints are scratchy ssb audio and awful fm transmit audio.

Below are a few things you can do to the 121 chassis. This is used in radios like the Hy-gain 2795,Tristar 747, Concorde 2 and lots of others including some Colt Excaliburs and the rare Major 688.

These simple mods will cure the ssb and fm audio


To improve the audio limiter performance change R150 to a 5.6k ohm

Also change R166 to a 5.6k ohm.

Also add a 1000pf (102) Capacitor One side to the junction of R28 and C32 and the other to ground.

Check the FM deviation level and adjust if needed using RV1

Change R40 to a 33 ohm to improve the bias on the driver transistor.

Change R44 to a 15 ohm and set the bias to the output transistor using RV2 by keying up the radio up on ssb with no audio and set the voltage on the base of Q10 to 0.7 volts.

Squelch Mod.

To stop the popping squelch remove R132 and add a link wire as shown below


Squelch mod

Squelch mod