Who am i ?




Me and Filbert Fox

Who am i? Well my name is Dave Smith and i am from Leicester.

I am a 4o something father of 4 and grandfather to an ever growing tribe of grandchildren

Yes i started young! Its nice being a young grandad though.

I work full time as a taxi driver/controller to pay the bills and I also repair cb radios.

Yes I am a “rig doctor” but I don’t own a white coat just yet


I also used to be a mobile dj for a number of years with Double Deck Disco

Double Deck Disco

Double Deck Disco



My radio “career”  started in my shed in 1988 running a pirate station called Radio Rupert with my late wing man Richard Letts aka Supercrook. We got removed from the airwaves by the DTI and my next go at radio was at Vision FM an RSL (Restricted Service Licence) station in Braunstone in Leicester. The station was set up as part of the New Deal project that saw a lot of money invested in the estate. I eventually presented the breakfast show for a couple of the 28 day broadcasts and will be forever grateful to the late Steve Hanley aka Steve Antonio for giving me the chance to get on air.

Vision FM

Vision FM


Vision FM

Vision FM


In 2007 I was asked to join Harborough FM a community radio station that had just started to broadcast to Market Harborough. I ended up presenting the mid morning show full time until October 2014 when I left the station.

Harborough FM

Harborough FM

  1. nice to meet a younger guy than me i thought all us old timers of the 80s that FIXED CB RADIOS have never forgoten cb radio is there to talk on the air a old cb fan of ssb and the pond around us all regards a fan of ham international and the bit of wire and a cristaL 73S WHO NEEDS A I PHONE

  2. I just got a say a big thank you to Dave. My NATO 2000 was back from him within a couple of days working better than they used to new. The new radio is back in its box as the NATO is brilliant. Brings back memories of the good old CB days in the 70s & 80s.

  3. Just applied your squelch pop mod to my Colt Excalubur with great success and looking forward to trying the FM mods, thanks for providing the info Dave!

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