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About Cubwolf

Im Dave Smith also known by my cb radio handle Cubwolf. I live in Leicester in the United Kingdom

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  1. CubWolf well then if you do a mod with the audio on the mm2 chasis then the other comment will be true, as the audio response will be altered by the mod on RX,
    The setting of the dev pot will act like a tone control look at the circuit and work it out
    This is a very nasty way of doing it the audio should go via a clipper and LPF then to isolate the audio feed then on to the vco.

    • With all due respect it does nothing to the rx recieve whatsoever. I have done hundreds without any issues. Q6 grounds the fm audio feed on recieve so it’s impossible for the deviation pot to affect the recieve in any way. The method I use is the same as cybernet used in the 121 and later chassis.

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