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Alinco DR-135


I see the lovely people at Nevada Radio were again selling the Alinco DR-135UK 10m radio for the bargain price of £99 the other day.

I bought one last year from them for the same price as part of the Black Friday event and its been fitted in my car ever since.

Apart from the cheap microphone that needs a squirt of switch cleaner every now and again its been a great radio for the money.


One of the great things about these radios is they are pc programmable.

I have mine set up with the UK FM on band A and bands B through to F are the Super Low to Super High 26.065 to 28.305.

As you can have up to 60 channels per band i have some of the 10m band and repeater channels from 40 to 60 on F band.

Along with that i have set the roger bleep tone and length to mimic the Ham International type bleep.


If you want to down load the software and a copy of the data file i wrote for my radio you can find a zip file HERE