I now have a laptop that I can actually type on now instead of the ipad mini.

I am over Apple products now. I am a windows lad through and through.

I have a bit more time on my hands these days as I don’t do a daily radio show at the minute.

Its given me a bit more time to play with cb radios which I enjoy doing.

My old Ham International Jumbo 3

My old Ham International Jumbo 3

I must be one of a dying breed of rig doctors now as I get radios posted to me from all over the place.

I do wonder though how long people will use cb radios in the uk as there certainly isn’t any new younger people taking it up.

Once all us children of the 80s have gone who knows it might finally die a death

About Cubwolf

Im Dave Smith also known by my cb radio handle Cubwolf. I live in Leicester in the United Kingdom

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  1. Nice site Dave and there will always be a need for rig doctors as long as we 80’s guys have a CB in the car and a mike welded to our hands. I run a ‘hidden’ CB in the car and micro aerial on mag base but will always have one. Made me chuckle that in pride of place is a Ham International sitting on a roll of Sellotape !

  2. CB activity seems to be on the rise here in North Manchester. The band used to be dead, now there’s quite a bit of activity in the evenings. Channel 19 muppets can be an amusing listen, every night the Jeremy Kyle’s are at each others throats.

    I get the feeling that most are using burners these days too.

  3. Hi dave ok well done, these mods I was doing over a couiple of decades ago, I agree that it’s a diying game of (electronic engineers not just “Rig Doctors”) in the younger generation
    Being intrested in the radio game.
    Richie “PIONEER”

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