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Another day another long shift…..


So here i am again at work in the cab office.

Following the recent unrest it was a very quiet Friday night for us here.

I can kind of see why people would think that it might not be a great idea to venture into Leicester for a night out but the reality was it was a peaceful night. I read that there were over 300 officers on duty last night as opposed to the normal 25 so you can see why.


Its not looking busy for tonight either so i am kind of glad i am having to do 12 hours in the office today and not driving. Nothing more frustrating then sitting around in the cab and not earning a penny. My son would normally be here on Saturday and Sunday but he is having a well deserved week off. This means lots more hours for me Sad smile. On the plus side i do have a couple of days away next week to look forward to.

One of these days was going to be at the Rewind Festival in Henley on Thames. I was looking forward to it as The Human League are headlining on the Sunday. This however has fell through as the pr company that promised a couple of tickets has let me down. This wouldnt have been so bad if they had told me a bit sooner. The festival sold out 5 days ago so i cant even buy tickets. Along with that i also have a hotel booked that i cant cancel without losing my money. If you have any ideas of things to visit near Maidenhead let me know!

The plan was to do the concert on Sunday and then Thorpe Park on Monday. Maybe 2 days in Thorpe park instead then might be on the cards…


Big Brother Returns

Love it or hate it Big Brother returns on Thursday but now on Channel 5.

It will start with a celebrity version. The new house looks amazing and its going to be interesting to see who ends up in there.

It will be interesting as well to see how it works on Channel 5. There will be no Davina from now on. Instead  Brian Dowling takes the reins. I cant think of a better person to be stepping into the role given that he was the ultimate housemate and has served his time presenting other things since leaving the house.

One thing that will be the same is the narration. This is done by a lovely chap called Marcus Bentley who very kindly agreed to talk to me on Harborough FM . We chatted about how he got the job and he answered some of the listeners questions. It was a great interview and you can listen again HERE .

As always thanks for reading my ramblings. I am off to watch Thorpe Park videos on You Tube to get me in the mood for next week Smile



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